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Dive courses

Dive Courses:

Try Scuba Diving, 
[1 Day=2 dives]

This program can be the beginning of your diving career. A professional dive instructor will teach you the proper knowledge and basic dive skills in shallow water. Then you are ready to take unforgettable dives together with your dive instructor in the beautiful Balinese sea.

Scuba Diver, [2 days]

A course that will teach you the knowledge and skills that will enable you, after certification, to dive with an active dive professional up to a depth of 12 to 18 meters, and is half way to becoming an Open Water diver.

Open Water diver, [3 days]

A world wide recognized and accepted certification that will enable you and your buddy to dive anywhere, anytime.

Advanced Open Water Diver, [2 days]

A good way to learn more about the different styles of diving that interest you and acquire more knowledge and skills that makes your diving safer and more enjoyable.

Should you wish to receive more information about other dive courses or sites please ask our staff and they will be happy to inform you.


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